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What’s the deal with Hashtags?

Posted by Laurie Driggs Fontenot on: March 12th, 2013

One of the biggest social media faux pas has to be the misuse of hashtags. They can be a little confusing or intimidating, but they do serve a purpose and can turn into fun.

Twitter defines a hashtag as the “#” symbol, whose function is to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.  It’s created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. In a sense, hashtags create conversations. Your favorite TV show  may have a hashtag? If you search the hashtag for the show, chances are, you’ll be able to read a live feed of what is happening and how people feel about it. Join in on the conversation! Check out #Parenthood #MadMen #ModernFamily … to name a few.


Hashtags also serve the same purpose on Intagram. Let’s say you are a boat manufacturer …

You can add a hashtag with the name of your company to the caption of your boat photo and ask your followers to post up their own boat photo with your hashtag (e.g. #Contender) You can then click on your hashtag and view all those other photos using the same “#”. This can come in handy during a promotion! This only scratches the surface when it comes to all the possibilities of a hashtag, but check out this article here for more ways to use:


And, here’s another article on hashtag Best Practices:



I’ll end this post with arguably the most important bit of advice on this topic:  Hashtags. Don’t. Work. On. Facebook.

Written by Kassie Duhon



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