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L’Acadian Fishing Trip 2014

Posted by Laurie Driggs Fontenot on: March 24th, 2014
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Here at our office, we talk about fishing and the outdoors all day, thanks to a few of our clients. And even though we love our clients and the work we do for them, we couldn’t take it any longer. We wanted to get out of the office and have our own fun on the… continue reading

Social Media and the Winter Olympics

Posted by kassie on: February 17th, 2014

If you’ve seen some of the posts on social media about the Sochi Winter Games, you’ve noticed that some aren’t always diplomatic. In the past there have been issues with companies abusing controversial issues for their own gain. For example, Kenneth Cole used the hashtag “Cairo” in 2011 and made light of the Egyptian Revolution…. continue reading


Posted by kassie on: February 11th, 2014

For small business owners and promoters, we’re hosting an intimate Social Media workshop to help you tailor your Social Media marketing strategy and give you the best practical and efficient tools. March 28 │8 am -  5 pm │@Spire Square Register at http://bit.ly/smw2014 Fee: $150 *Limited Seating   How will a hashtag help me …… continue reading

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Posted by kassie on: January 31st, 2014

Weather permitting, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will go head to head in Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday, February 2. Although we are football fans here at L’Acadian, we all know a large portion of our attention will be focused on the commercials. Did you know that the average Super Bowl advertisement costs… continue reading

Golden Globes 2014: The Tag Team is Back Again!

Posted by kassie on: January 10th, 2014

We are so excited for the Golden Globes this year and for more than one reason! This Sunday, January 12th, the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards will be hosted by none other than the dynamic best-friend duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. We’ll be waiting on the edge of our seats (or more realistically, our… continue reading

Cheers to a New Year …

Posted by Laurie Driggs Fontenot on: December 31st, 2013

… and to new projects and team members at L’Acadian. 1. We welcome Taylor Dought, Account Coordinator at L’Acadian, in 2 days. She’ll be working on the Costa Sunglasses account with Danielle Kelehan and has already spent some quality time training and preparing. Meet her on Instagram! 2. Even though we started working with the Jose… continue reading

Your Favorite Brands May be Snapping

Posted by kassie on: December 5th, 2013

The latest craze in social media is an app popular to the girls here at L’Acadian, Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to send photos to friends that they can only view for up to 10 seconds before it disappears forever. But it’s not just for selfies anymore! Several brands have utilized this app in order to… continue reading

Giving Thanks …

Posted by Laurie Driggs Fontenot on: November 26th, 2013
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As we roll into Thanksgiving and onto the New Year, I look back on the whirlwind that was 2013 – both personal and professional. So much has happened and so much thanks needs to be given! Here are just  a few on the list: 1. New and Old Employees 2. New and Old Clients 3…. continue reading

Aaand … Squat!

Posted by Laurie Driggs Fontenot on: November 18th, 2013
From our recent stadium run.

Lately, the ladies of L’Acadian have been pretty serious about staying health conscious. We try our best to eat foods that aren’t drenched in fat or so high in calories you have to run for 3 hours just to burn the meal off. We’ve begun to look for ways to incorporate activity into our daily… continue reading

Position has been filled …

Posted by Laurie Driggs Fontenot on: November 11th, 2013

Update! We’ve filled the Social Media Coordinator position as of Friday. We’ll have an official announcement and introduce you to our newest member very soon!


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